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Keeping to the essential

We are doing a lot of packing here. I find a bit bizarre to be between two places. I wish all the packing was behind!




A very much loved bunny scratched his nose open yesterday. The filling was poking out, horror!

His owner was much more traumatized than the bunny was. I would have waited until my Maman could take a look at it, she is an accomplished embroiderer and a patient pediatrician, it would have been so much better than the care I provided.  But of course it wasn't possible and an emergency surgery had to be performed.

I am a pityful embroiderer. I used felting techniques you can find here and here instead . I poked very lightly with the felting needle to be sure not to make the nose area more fragile than it was. I wet and washed the area with Marseille soap mid work to help felting. I hope it will be sturdy enough of a repair.

It was quite difficult to find the right" not too flashy but still pink enough" pink!

I can't wait to see mister Bu reaction to my job. He was very specific about the heart shape. 

Patient is doing well. A close examination revealed that a filling transfusion might be necessary, but the necessary surgery will be postponed until we move.



These will go with me. I know it's ridiculous, but I couldn't help myself and had to put them aside...I lost Origami Made easy  in a move and had to buy it again , it's not published anymore, what a shame, it's one of my favorite books. The title is quite right.

Second book I found in my parents attic. I lost it for ten years! This is not going to happen again, and the Art of Beatrix Potter is going with me, in my purse. This book was published 24 years ago, I can't believe it, I still remember how I waited for Christmas in 1990 so I could get it, a gift from my mother if I remember well.

I feel amused at myself caring so much for books. But I am OK with it. Books are part of ourselves once they are loved, much more than other items I guess.

Except for stuffed bunnies maybe?


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vos dessins sont vraiment superbes !
Bravo et en broderie, ils rendent très bien, merci d'en donner l'autorisation.

April 24, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterMartine

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