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Dinosaur bones

These ideas are all over the internet, but I do recall I got the ice one from the oh so very clever Angélique, and the idea of the clay skeleton was inspired by my friend Gio Nakpil. I used to drop by his desk, and discuss fun and cute thing while kneading some clay...and admiring the wonderful monsters that comes out of his fertile imagination to populate his studio.  I do miss those delightful moments!



And it's an exciting day! At least if you are five, like we are.

We made only half a skeleton, so it's possible to put it together flat and it looks like a Trex ( sort of).
I didn't go on the crazy path of actually creating a full 3D one. Don't make it too big. Our bigger piece was the head, 2 inches and a half or so, and it was a bit difficult to excavate later. I made the head and the tail and my son made the simpler bones. We added textures and marks on the bones to make them more real and interesting. So much fun!


We baked them 45 minutes, and then we had to wait for it to be cold and sturdy enough to touch it, and play. The next step was to add water.

Don't put too much water or take too large of a container, or it will take hours, and the game will be slow and frustrating (thanks Angelique for the tip)

And then:


Polymer clay is basically plastic. Properly cured it can stand water and low temperatures, at least for a while.

We read a good picture book while waiting : How the Dinosaur got to the Museum, by Jessie Harland.
And then we had lunch. And waited again. 

And then, here comes the fun! I unmolded the giant ice cube in a larger bowl and...

We re-used the water for watering the plants and another run in the freezer.

Because it was so exciting, really, we had to do it again. 



Have fun! If you don't feel like sculpting and baking, skip that part and use plastic dinosaurs.




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Reader Comments (6)

whaouh ça déchire tout! et oui le goutte à goutte d'eau chaude, c'est top, ici c'était avec une cuillère à soupe pour le plus grand, et pour le plus petit, la cuillère pour faire les boules de glace ^^

j'adore tes os, ils sont superbes <3
(hors contexte, cette phrase est freaky!!)

Hihi tu as laissé ce com juste comme je rajoutais un petit merci pour tes tips dans le texte...La cuillère à glace je note, parceque notre cuillère à nous se révélant un peu petite, on a finit a la bouteille...J'ai de beaux os? Merci, mais effectivement ta remarque ressemble a une blague de mon grand frère qui est radiologue :D

August 1, 2012 | Unregistered Commentera n g e l

I wish you were here so you can admire his clay sculptures in our studio! We plan to leave them with a dear friend to protect them safely.

August 1, 2012 | Unregistered Commentertami

Juste un petit message pour te dire merci de continuer à faire vivre ton blog. Je l'ai découvert qu'en j'étais en 6ème, et entrant en Tle à la rentrée ça fait un petit bout de temps que je viens ici, où j'ai passé de très bon moments sans jamais oser laisser de commentaire. J'ai enfin réussi à me lancer Tes lapins me manquent beaucoup quand je ne viens pas ici quelque temps, et je finit toujours par repasser voir si tout va bien et admirer tes dessins même si mes visites se font plus rares ces temps ci... Bonne continuation et bravo pour tout ce travail fourni! :D
P.S.: as-tu un tumblr ?

August 2, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMarion

ihihihihihihi oui il ne faisait pas aussi chaud que chez toi, chez nous, les glaçons au bout de deux trois heures, ont terminé dans le bain, et c'était très fun aussi :)

August 2, 2012 | Unregistered Commentera n g e l

excellent excellent !!! On a envie de s'amuser avec vous ^^

August 6, 2012 | Unregistered Commentermaïma

What an amusing idea. I like dinosaurs and always wanted to excarve one. So I can do it at home without searching for a skeleton somewhere in the dessert.
By the way: I wanted to say, that I like your post, expecially your gorgeous drawings.

sunny greetings


August 16, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterEsther

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